Segalla’s TurnKey Housing, together with Westchester Modular Homes, are committed to building custom designed homes to fit the needs and dreams of each homeowner. Modular construction allows us to meet the demands of our expanding market with greater flexibility than our competition and has opened markets that were otherwise monopolized by site built contractors. A Segalla’s TurnKey Housing modular home looks and feels like any other home in your neighborhood but has one distinct advantage – superior quality from the premier modular home builder. Those living in our NY, MA and CT service areas will love that our homes are highly engineered and quality constructed in a climate controlled state of the art facility.

Working with your architect or ours, we can help make your dreams of a custom home come true by designing this home to your exact specifications. We use a state of the art computer aided drafting (CAD) program to initially layout your plans. Then combining our extensive experience and knowledge of this software and modular construction, we custom design a home to be built on site at our factory in Wingdale, NY. Once we complete the initial design, the plans are submitted to our factory engineering department for code compliance and ultimately factory construction. In addition to custom homes we have built a number of architectural driven and historical projects, including Energy Star and LEED Certified homes. We also offer state of the art smart home features.

Our history began in 1979 when Robert Segalla, a prominent developer and native of Connecticut’s Northwest corner, founded Segalla’s TurnKey Housing with a vision to address the need for affordable, single family housing in a growing housing market by providing quality homes to meet his customer’s needs.

With the lack of dependable on-site contractors in the area, modular construction quickly became a viable solution as well as provided the ability of knowing exactly what the cost of the house would be in advance, thus eliminating “hidden” costs. As he began to deliver quality, cost effective modular homes his reputation and business increased along with his market. In 1988, realizing that area homeowners were trending towards a higher end, customized product, Segalla’s TurnKey Housing became an authorized builder of Westchester Modular Homes. This pairing brought together two family-owned companies that share the same core values of providing extraordinary quality and unparalleled service to their customers. In 1991 Segalla began building Westchester Modular Homes along Route 7 in Canaan, CT as a vehicle for customers to experience the modular difference firsthand, starting with one home and later adding a second, larger model in 1994 as the demand for larger homes in the area increased.

In 1996 Robert Segalla, Jr. joined the Westchester Modular Homes family, followed by his brother, Chad a few years later. Under their leadership, the company, now one of the premier Westchester Modular Home builders, continues to grow and flourish.

As the largest Westchester Modular Homes builder in the company’s New England and Mid-Atlantic markets, Segalla’s TurnKey Housing employs more than 20 people and remains committed to their founder’s philosophy of customizing Westchester Modular Homes to maximize a customer’s satisfaction. With advanced computer technology that features CAD detailed drawings and a CAD automated pre-engineering department, they can produce a higher degree of customization for Westchester Modular Homes with a quicker response time resulting in their ability to better anticipate and quickly respond to the needs of their homebuyer.

All of Segalla’s homes are built in the Westchester Modular Homes Wingdale, NY factory, delivered on site and set by the factory crane and factory personnel. Segalla’s impressive Westchester Modular Homes building portfolio ranges from 1000 SF, to as much as 5000 SF residential homes to a 9000 SF office complex and a number of private and public school projects.

Renowned for our unwavering commitment to our customers and the delivery of a superior product, Segalla’s TurnKey Housing is perfectly positioned to maintain its leadership role in the construction of quality Westchester Modular Turnkey Homes in New England. Please contact us to discuss the possibilities of building a custom, architectural, modified, or web derived floor plan of your choice. You will be pleasantly surprised at our design flexibility, building efficiency and competitive pricing!